What does Shirodhara mean?

SHIRODHARA is a word from sanskrit, the ancient vibrational language in Ayurveda. It literally means "to place a fine stream of warm liquid, usually oil on the head"Shriodhara has a profound affect on the mind and emotions. Tibetan physicicans classify Shirodhara as a "psycho-spiritual" massage. 

Session options~

1 session~ Full Tibetan Shirodhara treatment includes oilation to head, hands, feet and stomach, marma pressure point work and exfoliation detox to the feet. $155

Package of 3 ~ Full Tibetan Shirodhara treatments, used as part of traditional purification and rejuvenation program. $420


   What does Shirodhara do?

  • Shriodhara profoundly calms the mind, body and spirit.

  • Synchronizes and slows brain waves making them more coherent

  • Strongly helps balance vata in the mind

  • Calming the vayus activates the nadis and purification of the chakras

  • Helps reduce stress produced by nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue

  • Effectively purifies the mental sheath clearing unhelpful mental patterns, imbalanced desires, and past traumas that interfere with good health and spiritual growth

  • Drops metabolic rate

  • More oxygen and nutrients can be transported to the brain

  • Cerebral circulation is improved

  • Stabilizes mood


what is kansa?

Kansa is the Indian word for the blend of metals we call bronze which is used to make healing tools in various sizes to use on the face and body. These wonderful massage tools are made in India by artisans that have practice this craft for five generations. 

What is kansa used for?

Kansa is used in Ayurveda treatments for face rejuvination, body detoxification, and specific marma (vital energy points), shiatsu, trigger or pressure points work.

Kansa wand treatment for face, head and neck rejuvenation $125 (60 minutes)

Kansa wand and marma point treatment for detoxification through the feet $85 (50 minutes)