purification according to ayurveda

One of the primary concepts for good health in Ayurveda is preventative therapy through diet and lifestyle. According to this system what we do ourselves to prevent disease is the strongest medicine as it comes through our own effort and so has a more direct effect on our health than through a secondary person or medicine. A key to prevent disease is maintaining the purity of the body, or in other words, keeping the body free of accumulated waste materials. Therefore, purification therapies are one of the most important treatments in Ayurveda.

all about ama


  • The cosequence of poor digestion of food or experience.

  • Toxins which build up in the body and prevents a connection with the bodies uderlying intelligence.

  • Blockages wheather in our arteries, our eyesight, our joints, or our ability to experience love and happiness.

  • Improperly digested food - any toxin or waste not uitilized by the body as food. Excess of any by-products of metabolism that build up in our bodies like uric acid causing gout, and components of bile forming gallstones.

Three Types of Ama:

  • Intrinsic Ama - Ama that is the result of our inability to fully process food, thoughts, and emotions.

  • Extrinsic Ama - Ama that is the result of ingesting chemicals, toxins, pesticides, drugs, pollution, alcohol, etc. (the body is not designed for them).

  • Vitiated Ama - Dormant Ama in the body that becomes "hot" and starts to be active in creating disease and inflammation.



We can purify Ama through many different treatment techniques, and lifestyle managements.

  • Maximizing digestion

  • Taking in only the purist

  • Environment for digestion

  • Treatments: panchakarma - basti's, virechana, liquid diet (fasting), herbal cleanses, and spiced hot water routine

  • Tibetan Shriodhara and Kansa wand