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  1. Plant your seed~Stand in your truth.

  2. Growth~Understanding your purpose.

  3. Nourish~Living with passion, love and embracing whole health.


  1. Purification and rejuvination

  2. Healing energy yoga and meditation

  3. Plant medicine

  4. Spiritual coaching

Results - testimonials


All of my life I have had chronic digestive issues. I sought help from countless doctors who basically told me “to just live with it.” I had heard about Ayurveda and its healing modalities and was thrilled that this practice was an area of specialty of Christy’s.  

After only a few sessions I felt like I had a whole new lease on life.  She guided and supported me with not only re-balancing my diet, but also connected with my energy sources. Her approach to care is with great compassion, empathy and an obvious vast knowledge of the Ayurveda program. A lot of effort went into understanding my condition. She explained the imbalances and potential causes. Rather than a quick fix approach, she took considerable time learning about my lifestyle choices and eating patterns. 

Through this life changing experience, I have observed that it is quite rare to work with someone who has such passion in their craft and a deep desire to heal. Christy quite simply connects the dots!  

I highly recommend Christy’s Ayurveda sessions to anyone looking for relief or healing from any aspect of their life, whether it is on a physical, emotional or a spiritual level. Trust me, you will be forever grateful you did!



Christy was amazing. A beautiful and incredibly adept practitioner who has the best Ayurvedaic skills imaginable. Thanks for letting me rest in your presence.