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Living Powerfully is living with purpose, passion and whole health. Ayurveda is being in sync with nature inside and out. Together there is divine harmony.

  1. Plant your seed~Stand in your truth.

  2. Growth~Understanding your purpose.

  3. Nourish~Living with passion, love and embracing whole health.


  1. Purification and Rejuvenation

  2. Healing Energy Yoga and Meditation

  3. Plant Medicine

  4. Spiritual Mentoring/Yoga Life Coaching

Results - testimonials


All of my life I have had chronic digestive issues. I sought help from countless doctors who basically told me “to just live with it.” I had heard about Ayurveda and its healing modalities and was thrilled that this practice was an area of specialty of Christy’s.  

After only a few sessions I felt like I had a whole new lease on life.  She guided and supported me with not only re-balancing my diet, but also connected with my energy sources. Her approach to care is with great compassion, empathy and an obvious vast knowledge of the Ayurveda program. A lot of effort went into understanding my condition. She explained the imbalances and potential causes. Rather than a quick fix approach, she took considerable time learning about my lifestyle choices and eating patterns. 

Through this life changing experience, I have observed that it is quite rare to work with someone who has such passion in their craft and a deep desire to heal. Christy quite simply connects the dots!  

I highly recommend Christy’s Ayurveda sessions to anyone looking for relief or healing from any aspect of their life, whether it is on a physical, emotional or a spiritual level. Trust me, you will be forever grateful you did!



Christy was amazing. A beautiful and incredibly adept practitioner who has the best Ayurvedaic skills imaginable. Thanks for letting me rest in your presence.



My shirodhara treatment was amazing. It was extremely calming and helped me regain mental focus. Christy’s knowledge and holistic approach with her clients is what sets her apart from other practitioners. I highly recommend live powerfully! 


Working with Christy has enriched my life. She is a true healer who generously shares her gifts of Ayurvedic medicine and knowledge of the whole body to enhance the lives of everyone she meets. Working privately with her has allowed my body to gently recover from trauma and disease, while not neglecting my mind and spirit. Seeing her is something I always look forward to, knowing that I always find deeper healing in ways I often neglected to see/use/recognize.