About Christy

With 25 years of teaching experience, Christy has an extensive background in Physical Therapy and is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She is Stott Pilates Certified, a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher with Wild Abundant Life; and an Ayurvedic Practitioner with New World Ayurveda.

Christy’s passion for studying the human body and integrating the powerful work of mindful practices to live with purpose, passion, and whole health; is what her heart desires for all those she meets. She is a mom and wife first, but loves spending time in nature and traveling, balancing all aspect of life that feeds her soul.

Christy is the Creator/Owner of LIVE POWERFULLY, LLC – living with purpose, passion and whole health. Through Ayurveda, healing energy yoga, and spiritual mentoring, her mission is to help empower people to take control of their life, nourish, and live with vitality.