How Shirodhara can help you during this Vata time of year

One of of the best ways to rebalance Vata in the body is with Shirodhara.

There are many symptoms that occur when Vata (The nervous system) is out of balance. You may have headaches, feel your mind is foggy, difficult in concentrating, tired, sluggish, depressed (winter blues), anxiety, or even have constipation and bloating. Sleep disturbances are also a common complaint that I hear.

Shirodhara is a great way to help restore the body and mind through the treatment of warm herbalized oil being poured over the forehead in a gentle and soothing manner. In the Tibetan Shirodhara practice this treatment is enhanced with massage to marma points (energy points) in the head, hands, and feet, and rounded out with a beautiful oil massage on the stomach to reset the digestive system and release emotional holding patterns allowing more flow for healing and purification.

The end result.. an emence feeling of relaxation and calmness, more clarity in the mind and new sense of wellbeing. One session is very healing… three sessions is amazing… five to seven sessions completed rejuvenated!

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