How the way we breathe tells us what we need

Have you ever really payed attention to your breathing patterns?

We know we can’t live without breath. We know when we are out of breath and we know when we need a breath, but do you know how to work with your breath to decrease stress, anxiety, fear, and increase vitality, clarity, and peace throughout the whole body? Here is just a small glimpse into a multifaceted system of the “Life Force” or Prana in sanskrit. The Breath.

Prana, the animating force in the body, is activated primarily by the movements of the respiratory diaphragm. Via the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm, all the tissues in the body are enlivened and sustained. And the organs function properly with ease. Thus the diaphragm is the center piece of the body whose movements sparks life into every fiber, cell, and synapse. Given the sacredness of prana in yoga, the diaphragm could be thought of as a living alter in perpetual motion and reacts to emotion. The diaphragms movements, along with those of the organs and vessels that intersect it, are continuous and cooperative. Its dynamic pump-like action is the very basis of life.

When we practice different breath patterns as in slowing the breath, or fast breathing, elongating, and holding or constricting, and fully releasing the breath, Pranayama in sanskrit, we are able to develop a much deeper sense and understanding of our own individual breath our “blue print breath”. The breath we came into this world with.

Join me Sunday January 13th for a beautiful journey into the breath, resenting the 7 main energy centers in the body through breath patterns, visualization, and healing yoga poses.

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Peace, love, and light