Surviving To Thriving In The New Year

Are you a surviver or a thriver?

I have lived my whole life in survival mode. Just recently in my mid forties have I made the distinction completely clear, and the decision to thrive fully. See, as we enter into this world it has been chosen for us what we are doing here and why we are here. Most of us have no clue what that even means until we reach a certain age that we begin to find the challenges and changes in life to be what is meant to be, and so much more. We may find our answers through self exploration, a special career, personal acquaintances that bring us to a place of awakening or enlightenment, meditation and spiritual work, or like me all of the above. Through hard work, downfalls, tears and laughter we maneuver our way through life to find who we really are, and from there we learn to thrive in a way that brings us everything we want and need. When we thrive we have a sense of power, unconditional love for oneself, purpose, passion and a calling to serve others form a higher form of ourselves. A much bigger place than just surviving in a ego state of mind.

So I ask you for this new year, are you ready to thrive? If so, let’s talk. I would love to help you get started!

In Peace, Love and Light,