What Is Happiness?

Through the years of my first part of life, I was on a mission to find happiness. I worked hard since I was 15 years of age looking for it through making money, feeling important, a part of society, and feeding my ego. I had low self-esteem, but was always dedicated to educating myself to find the answers I was looking for. This was a process that lasted many years. My path lead to helping others heal, fixing their injuries as well as being someone to talk to for support. This fed my soul for a long period of time, but was I truly happy?

Happiness is not what you do… But who you are in your conscious self. As I enter into my second half of life, I have again come to many new self-realizations that have helped me grow even more to understanding what happiness is. It started happening when I took meditation seriously and practiced it everyday. It’s amazing how your perspective changes just by transforming your thought process to no thoughts, just a higher level of consciousness called “happiness!”

A quote from one master of Kryia yoga said, “Only human beings can realize their true, divine nature and be conscious of it. Ordinarily a person is in a state of lower consciousness, absorbed by the worldly activities and the senses. Through meditation one can attain a higher level of consciousness. If you can maintain that higher consciousness or awareness in daily life, you will reach the goal of life, which is true happiness.” - Paramahamsa Hariharananda

Peace and blessings,