Keeping calm in the waves of life... Transitions

It is that time again when the kids go back to school and Summer's good vibes are drifting away as the fall stocked shelves at the stores are slapping you in the face. You feel the tension rise within yourself knowing that the schedule is changing as well as soon to be the weather. The "to do" lists start happening and the mind starts racing. What the mind creates the body follows in tow. Ready to stop the insanity? I went through this process for years until I started really committing myself to meditation, self-care, and spiritual practices. You start to see and feel things in a whole new light. At first, it is different, and uncomfortable, and we don't like change! But as with anything, change brings progress and growth, and with that comes peace of mind and joy. So how do you do this? Start with one thing. Creating a space for you. When you create a space, you start creating space within. Make it special, set up a altar with some pieces that feed all of your beliefs and who you are. Examples, pictures, cards, sacred statues, flowers, crystals, books, candles, etc. You don't need a lot just what really resonates with your heart. This space then is ready when you are to sit peacefully, take in a moment of time to just breathe, meditate, or close your eyes and rest a bit. Let life slow down for just that moment and you will feel an amazing shift in your attitude, actions, and emotions that will start to spread into your whole life.

Peace and blessings,

Christy ~ "Living powerfully!"