From Anxiety To Love

I have always felt like “the one that suffers’’ in this world on so many levels within myself. Ever since I was a young teenager, I have always felt different than others. Never sure where I fit in, but always wanting to fit in. In my later teenage years, I was diagnosed with depression and put on prescription medication to help. As I look back, it never really helped me at all. From there, I have been on a roller coaster ride that never ends. The ups and the downs with maybe a brief moment when I really felt “normal” for me.


Working in the fields of physical therapy, Pilates, fitness, rehab, yoga, and now Ayurveda has all brought me to a place in my life that I now can recognize, respect, and Live Powerfully. The journey has been long and treacherous at times, but I believe all for very good reasons. So I can help others. That is my soul’s purpose.


When we tap into our true nature, live by the means that we are meant to, and as my Ayurveda teacher and mentor Dr. Paul Dugliss says, “think with your heart and love with your mind” then we find peace.


My continued success in helping others balance life’s struggles, whether it be physical limitations, mental stagnation, depletion causing depression, or overall imbalance of a body system is why I am here. This has helped me escape from anxiety and live from love.

Two of my favorite books on this subject are, From anxiety to love, by Corine Zupko and Think with the heart and love with the mind by Paul Dugliss.


Peace and Blessings,