The definition… Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

~ Einstein

During the midst of the cold and darker days with the holidays approaching and watching people run around scrambling to get the “to do” list done. It appears even with all my practice in self care and spiritual growth, I would learn my lesson. But there are days I feel insane too! I have realized nothing is perfect and when we keep doing the same actions, habits whatever you would like to call it over and over but wanting something to be different, it will drive you insane!

So what is one to do to stop this grueling process? Here are some ideas to try…

  1. Start with one act of mindfulness like a short meditation, a walk in the woods, or a cup of tea and a good book.

  2. Get together with a good friend for some much needed laughs.

  3. Get a pen and paper out and start creative writing, anything that comes to mind. All of it!

  4. Take a class you have never taken before.

  5. Everyday you wake up before getting out of bed take 10 full breaths and realize that is life!

  6. Do one kind gesture a day.

  7. Make a warm nourishing meal and share it with someone.

  8. Make simple fun time with your family, game night, movie night, or family yoga.

  9. Create a inspiration board.

  10. Always LOVE…

Peace and blessings,